Our Services



flexible schedule and competitive rates

On our trips, we can stay in a yurt encampment and live among nomads deep in the western taiga (see photos page).  We can also organize horseback riding trips to visit waterfalls, lakes, and other secluded places preserved in their natural beauty.  Our trips are organized to fit your schedule and needs.  We also have camping equipment if needed.


*Translation Services*

English, Russian, French, and Tuvan


*Tuvan Traditional Music Lessons*

igil, doshpulur, xomus, xoomei, etc.

Zhenya has taught many students from around the world who share an interest in Tuvan musical culture.  You may hear a performance of his on the doshpulur here and the igil here!


*Research Assistance*

data collection, interview assistance, etc.

Anai-Xaak has provided research assistance for many major research projects (see Experience page).


*And more*

If you just need some help around Kyzyl or Tuva, we are happy to provide you with some assistance.


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