Zhenya (Өгбеней/Ogbenei) Saryglar is an award-winning igil player and throat singer and a member of the Tuvan National Orchestra. When he is not performing, he devotes his time to teaching Tuvan arts to Tuvan and foreign students alike.  Zhenya recently performed in the US with the Khogzhumchu Ensemble (video included). You can listen to two of his performances here and here!

Anai-Xaak is an English and French teacher.  She has done translation work for many people over the years including Sun Ra Arkestra, the Tuvan State National Ensemble, “Sayani” during their European tour, among others.  She has provided research assistance on many projects including one project from Oxford University’s Cognition, Religion and Theology Project.

Zhenya (2nd from left) playing with the Khogzhumchu Ensemble

(video by Michael ibeam Cline)

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