Getting to Tuva

If you are interested in coming to Tuva, there are a number of options.  However, you will probably need a visa and in order to get that, you need a visa invitation.

Visa Invitation:  Unfortunately, we can not issue visa invitations.  However, you can purchase them online at a number of places.  Many take advantage of Way to Russia’s services–be sure to check their information on which type of visa you need.  Another option is Passport Visa Express.  Once you receive your invitation, you may then apply for your visa at a Russian consulate in your country.  You will need your visa registered once you arrive, and we can provide this service for you. NOTE:  If you plan on staying longer than a normal tourist visa allows and you are conducting research, you need a HUMANITARIAN VISA and NOT a business visa.

Arriving by train in Abakan:  If you arrive by train in Abakan, there will be many share-taxi drivers when you arrive.  They typically wait until they have a full van to make it worth their time, so expect to wait for a while until there are enough passengers.  The drive is beautiful!  Taxis typically stop at a roadside cafe so you may rest and eat if needed.  If you are not a citizen of Russia, you will be expected to show your documents at the border.

Arriving by plane in Kyzyl:  One option is to organize your trip through MIR Corporation as they can help you get to Tuva by plane without having to book flights yourself.  We are not affiliated with them, but they have helped many people get to Tuva.  It will, however, be significantly less expensive to book flights on your own, but knowing Russian (or at least knowing someone else who does!) is necessary.

Accomodations:  There are a number of hotels in Kyzyl.  The Lonely Planet guide has an up-to-date list of hotels and their contact information to call and book a room.  If you are looking for an apartment, we suggest you first stay in a hotel upon your arrival and call us to help you find an apartment.

Once in Kyzyl, please contact us if you need any further assistance or if you are interested in our services!  We will be happy to help!  We look forward to your visit!

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